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E-Mailer is paper free.... Go Green...

E-Mailer has a plan for you, whether you need to send 500 emails or weekly emailings to a list of 100,000 addresses. E-Mailer allows you to create unlimited categories, each with an unlimited number of addresses. We only charge you for the periodic plan of your preference, in spite of THE OVERALL number of subscribers or lists you may have hosted with us. Whereas other services base their pricing upon the total number of email addresses hosted in one single comprehensive list, whether you email them or not.
For example: If a plan provides you 2,000 credits per month. You may email up to 2,000 contacts once a month, or email 1,000 contacts twice a month, or email 500 contacts four times a month, etc.

• Go Green - email marketing is paper-free
• Distributes information to a wide range of specific, potential customers at a relatively low cost.
• Comparably cost effective than printed media
• Easy to track.
• Generates repeat business affordably and automatically

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Create Email Campaigns

Need to send an email to all your customer. Here the is easy tool to design your Email campaigns. Design yourself or let our designers bring out the best campaign for you.

Design E-mail Campaigns

Creating an email campaign from scratch can be a difficult task. We will create and design your Email campaigns relevant to your audience and even personalize it.

Design Newsletter

Adding a few images can greatly increase your click-through rate. We will keep your total email size under 100k and will ensure that the artwork pushes the goal of your email.


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